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Everything about Landing Pages

#StartupBasics | Series by Insights Alley (Hosted by Arun Verma)

S01E09 -Everything about Landing Pages

Guest: Oli Gardner, Co-founder of Unbounce

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In this episode of #StartupBasics, we discussed:

– The Story of Oli from his early career to co-founding Unbounce.

– What is a Landing Page?

– Types of Landing Pages

– What to use a Landing page for ? in early-stage startups?

– Components of a Landing Page:

  • Headlines, Copy & Structure of Information
  • Page navigation & folds
  • Media components: pictures, graphics, videos
  • Forms & CTAs

– 5 Second test

– Purpose of Heading & Subheading & Headline Flip Method

– Long form vs short form explanation text

– Attention Ratio

– How to use images/graphics in your landing page?

– How to use Forms and CTAs?

– Wistia’s Benchmarking Data:

– How to use testimonials in your landing page?

– Testimonial Creation Customer Interview script:

  • Which things have changed in your business because of our product/service?
  • How have they changed?
  • Can you describe how it feels to see that change?
  • If you were to quantify the change, what metrics have changed and by how much?
  • Do you have any examples of before and after in the form of photos?
  • Would you be willing to record a video testimonial?
  • May I have a photo of you or whoever uses the product/service, actually using it?
  • I’ll also need the name, role, company name (if it’s a client), and links to any published materials documenting your use case.

– Landing Page Optimization & AB testing

– Importance of Segmentation

– What should happen after the landing page?

– How to manage your landing pages at scale?

Resources mentioned:

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