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Grow Leads / Sales like a Hedge Fund

#StartupBasics | Series by Insights Alley (Hosted by Arun Verma)

S01E01Why & How to grow Leads/Sales from existing & new channels like a Hedge Fund?

Guest: Gaurav Agarwal, VP Growth at Molekule


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In this episode of #StartupBasics, we discussed:

– Growth: Outcome of different processes that have been coordinated to work well with each other. Systemic growth needs to be: Sustainable, Robust, Scalable & Expansive.

– The difference in growth systems for B2B vs B2C.

– Effects of being dependent on only one channel to drive your growth. Risk & return period for each channel of your lead acquisition.

– Thinking of lead channels in terms of Portfolio theory. Risk, reward and the expected value of each channel. Real example with numbers. Upside and hedge. Exploring existing and new channels, use a mix of predictable & moonshot channels.

Gaurav’s Google Sheet

-Predicting outcomes of new channels beforehand. Optimizing current channels.

-Doing customer development with one or more channels.

Resources mentioned:


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